idRisk Ltd is an independent risk and insurance management company providing high quality unbiased advice and solutions.

  • Broker Review

    Broker Review Services

    The relationship with your broker can be reviewed at a high level to provide a ‘sense’ check on the service and value being delivered.


  • Captive Review

    Captive Review Services

    Captive Managers should be reviewed periodically. We can also look at feasibility and performance of your Captive Insurer itself.


  • Brand Stretch Services

    Brand Stretch

    idRisk Advisory provides a specialist and regulated consultancy service able to work with global brands wanting additional revenue


We design, develop and deliver custom solutions for our clients by combining expertise in risk management with leading edge technology and information processes. We oversee a carefully selected team of associate consultants from broad risk specialisms to assist in the delivery of these solutions.

Key Areas

idRisk Advisory Ltd, an FCA regulated company, is part of the idRisk group and provides independent insurance advice and solutions to UK and international companies, through two key areas:

Review Services

  • Assisting businesses to secure fit for purpose insurance and risk management services (principally where corporate governance-led selection of a suitable insurance broker to co-ordinate their evolving insurance placement programme is required).
  • Assisting review of the infrastructure and regulatory domains required to run a businesses’ Captive Insurer, either in the formative, operational or dismantling stages.

Customer Insurance Affinity Programmes

  • Where a best practice FCA regulated operation is required we provide advice on the most suitable customer service, products, revenue and asset enabling structure the business will need to secure maximum value from their insurance distribution operations.
  • We also review existing arrangements to develop next stage strategies to improve customer service delivery, and to improve cash flows and asset values within and around the contractual freedoms.