Who We Are

idRisk’s principal consultants and Group directors are:

John White

John White of idRisk

45 years working in the global insurance markets. Highly experienced in the alignment of corporate risk programmes and risk mitigation structures across the full business risk spectrum. Has developed a unique approach to Customer Insurance Affinity operations that puts a Brand in control of these asset value creation opportunities ensuring the value accrues equitably to the Brand whilst enhancing the Brand Experience for the end customer.

Stephen Mooney

Stephen Mooney of idRisk

A Chartered insurance Broker with 35 years of experience in the insurance and risk management sectors. Specializing in facilitation of Broker Selection and Broker performance Reviews working closely with our clients’ Finance, Risk, Legal and Procurement teams. Highly adept in the negotiation of client focused Service Level Agreements that increase client control over their risk service providers. Stephen also provides Expert Witness services in UK Insurance legal disputes.

Ken Hall

Ken Hall of idRisk

40 years in the Risk Financing and Risk Consultancy business. Extensive experience across all areas of risk management and financing, particularly in delivering Risk Management Strategy, Alternative Risk Financing and Captive Insurance consulting including use of Captive vehicles to support third party Customer Insurance Affinity programmes.